Water Conservation

Water conservation is a vital component of water development and supply planning in Texas. While Texas' water resources are plentiful, they must be used efficiently and responsibly by all sectors of the economy if they are to be maintained.

What does the Texas Water Explorer tell us about Water Conservation?

Urban Water Use Efficiency

With the increase in human populations, it is vital that Texas cities maximize the efficiency with which they deliver and use water. We examine urban water use efficiency with two sub-indicators, per capita water use in cities and water loss rate in public water supply systems.

Per Capita Water Use - The statewide average total per capita water use of 331 of Texas' largest cities is 154 gallons per capita per day (GPCD); the average residential water use is 69 GPCD.

Water Loss Rates - The statewide average water loss rate for 1,828 public water systems in Texas is 16%.

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Water Efficiency in Electricity Generation

Energy production is a vital aspect of the Texas economy. Power plants use water to cool the production facilities and prevent overheating. This indicator summarizes water use efficiency for steam-electric power production.

Electricity Generation - There are 141 power plants in the state of Texas and they average 35 withdrawal gallons per kilowatt hour and 0.36 consumption gallons per kilowatt hour.

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Irrigation Water Demand

Technological advances have resulted in significant water efficiency increases in agricultural irrigation. This indicator examines patterns in current water demand estimates for irrigation across Texas.

Irrigation Water Demand - The average estimated amount of water use per acre of irrigated cropland for all counties across the state is 1.66 acre-feet per acre.

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